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Our 21st Century Education


​Using Inquiry to Promote Discovery

Our 21st Century Education

established June 11, 2013, is a Chicago-based partnership creating working solutions to increase 21st Century skills in the education field.

We provide many services to help you.

We nurture the whole child while promoting creative thinking and child at a time.

Stimulate the Learning


21st Century Learning starts with identifying student knowledge and possible misconceptions and building upon their prior experiences to engage all learners.  Regardless of ability to access technology, what are the skills that all students need to succeed in today's landscape? Maximize learning but reinforce necessary skills through 'Flipped Classroom's';  build your own 'Landing Site for Learning'.; and collaborate with other other education professionals.   Use Skype to access scientists or local business leaders to engage the community and other 'real world' resources in order to enhance and nurture valuable learning opportunities. 

Mrs. Halverson created Wicked Science to foster the 'high adventure' of discovering our world.  When kids are given the opportunity to explore something they are interested in there is excitement in finding out more.  In addition to programs offered at schools, park districts and Harper Community College, there is Investigative Research to provide guided training as kids work towards researching a topic of their choosing and sharing their findings with others.

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