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Independent Inquiry Program is open to any student (ages 10-14) who is curious, creative and self-driven to 'dig a little deeper' into a topic of interest using the Scientific Method /Inquiry methods and developing an experimentation or design approach.  The intent is to nurture inquiry and  perseverence using the program design which develops research skills, builds on collaboration, and fosters STEM thinking which is an important aspect of our 21st Century culture. Whether the student is interested in STEM fields is not as important as discovering the joy of investigating and the high adventure of discovery.
 -  Complete a short 'Inquiry Interest' form describing your interest
- Self-driven, focused, and commited to completing tasks
-  Be in good academic standings 
Student Learning Goals
-  Use inquiry to develop questions that can be answered through investigation 
-  Design an investigation that answers a 'testable' question
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