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Designing a Controlled Experiment

     * Inquiry to Investigation

         * Inquiry to Design Process


Student Learning Objectives and Outcomes

  1.  I will be able to determine my investigation as experimental or design process

  2.  I can develop a testable question that will drive my investigation or design

  3.  Using my questions, I will drive the details of my investigation or design to get the answers I am looking for

  4   I will be able to find the necessary resources to complete my investigation or design

  5.  I am able to directs procedures and  methods to complete my investigation or design

  6.  I am able to communicate my findings

  7.  I can offer feedback on others' investigations



(I.) Teacher models controlled experiment

      Experiments are fun and we will make things even more interesting by examining the difference between a simple  

       experiment and a controlled experiment focusing on why a controlled experiment is important.


      (a.) Introduce a Controlled Experiment by watching a video

             - What is staying the same?     

             - What is changing?

             -  How did your thinking change after viewing the video?


      (b.)  Review controlled variable

      (c.)  Class investigation

      d.)  Review / The Process of Science


(II.) Teacher models Engineering Design Process 




(III.) Students apply their work formulating a testable question to begin designing their controlled experiment 

       or design


      (a.) Students create a hypothesis and make a predication - find some evidence of reasoning

      (b.) Define parameters of investigation - teacher will approve -

      (c.)  Share ideas with class / what are predictions? 

      (d.) Write in journals/blog, etc.

      (d.) Review:

               * What are resources/equipment needed?

               * What are independent/dependent variables?

               * What is timeline? 

               * Establish Checkpoints

               * What do you think you will learn?



Teacher will use ideas, feedback, participation and journals to assess student progress

      (younger students will be able to participate in group investigations when available - contact director for more

       information (847) 323-2180.)


  Detailed information for investigations and graphic organizers can be found here





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