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Here are resources to help you with your classroom and independent learning.  Crunched for time in the classroom?  Planning at a pinch?  Here are solutions to help ease your schedule so you can spend more time engaging in valuable discussions and reflection.

Time spent learning in the classroom is a premium so how can you maximize the learning?  Explore the "flipped classroom" - whether it is for your own personal professional development; using as an introduction to the classroom, or as an extension outside of class.

Chicago's museums are world-reknown and have an incredible amount of resources for learning.

Find out best ways to use these great resources; find programs and activities; and even learn how to Skype-A-Scientist!

Research by
Age Group 

Research involves many things: methods of investigation; keeping track of your investigations; doing experiments; and communicating to others.  Depending upon the depth of your research you will define your parameters and go about your investigations that suit your topic best.

It has been demonstrated that inquiry drives curiosity which drives learning.  Learning how to ask good questions is a skill that teachers can develop. 

Wicked Science fosters 'thinking like a scientist' when kids are immersed in projects and activities that stimulate their natural curiosity about our world.



You will find others in the field of education who will share their success with you.  Find ways to connect on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.  Workshops, programs, and professional development opportunities can be arranged through our network.

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