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Independent Inquiry Program Outline

1.   Thinking Like a Scientist
       What is Scientific Inquiry?
2.   The Scientific Method and The Design Process
        Defining Testable Research Questions and Methods of Exploration
3.   Choosing a Project and Finding  Support
        Narrowing down your topic and finding people to help with your journey and exploration.
4.   Focusing your Topic to a Research Question
5.   Designing a Controlled Experiment
      After choosing a topic and narrowing down your focus, you will design an investigation driven by your topic question.  This 
       investigation might be an experiment or designing and building something that shows your thinking.           
6.  Keeping a Research Journal
     Writing down your questions, thoughts, predictions, and test results is a way to keep track of very important information.
7.   Recording and Analyzing Data
       What have you found out so far?  There are easy ways to keep track of your tests and descriptions.  Making graphs,  bar charts, or
       describing results is easy - for you and others who are reading about your amazing discoveries!
8.  Preparing a Presentation
10.   Resources
  Reflection / What's Next?
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