* Communicating Your Findings through Posters

    * Oral Communication


Student Learning Objectives and Outcomes

Students will be able to communicate their findings orally and visually with posters, power points/Prezi , or other formats  to summarize their research so others can understand.



Visual Presentations

Students will be able to design and construct a poster that displays their research in an organized and attractive manner.  


Useful guidelines can be found here    (Junior Academy of Science Policy and Presentation)


Some students will have had previous experience making posters for display.  Others may struggle with how to do this.  There are general guidelines to include in your design and should be included as follows:



Your title will give a clear and concise idea of your project.  This should include appropriate topics such as subject and variables; product and design;


School/Affiliation -


Introduction -











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Personal Inquiry Statement

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