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Your Journal

 Keeping track of your investigation


Student Learning Objectives and Outcomes

1a.   I can identify the best method for recording my investigation (ie., journal, blog, Word file)

1b.   I can record my questions, thoughts, ideas and discoveries and include pictures, drawings

         and show how my thinking changes over time. 

2a.    My journal is accurate and thorough showing important materials and designs as well as descriptions

2b.    My journal is easy to understand so that anyone can pick it up and follow its progression

3a.    My journal shows reasoning and displays how my experiment or design is measured

3b.      I can communicate my thinking to others

3c.   I can respond to others' journals and give some constructive feedback.


Methods of Keeping Track



Keeping track of our investigations is important for many reasons.  It helps us record specific details such as my questions, what I guess might happen, whether I was right and how what happened help me change my mind and try something new.  It also lets me write down measurements, materials, time of day, conditions, and loads of other important things.  Here are some sites that will help you make the decision as to how you will keep track of your investigation/experiments/designs:


 -  Science and Engineering Project Notebooks


- Example


- Example






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